Smart speakers are gaining popularity with each passing day. Google Home and Amazon Echo are two of the main players when it comes to smart speaker or voice assistance devices. If you are planning to purchase one but can’t decide which one is the best, here is a perfect comparison of these devices.

Google Home

Google Home is a great device that serves the purpose of a true voice assistant speaker. You can connect this device to your smart home and control a wide range of other devices.

  1. Design

The Google Home has a simple cylindrical shape and resembles a dehumidifier. It is 5.62 inches tall and 3.79 inches wide. Overall, it has a nice appearance with its white top and a slate-gray fabric that covers the speaker. You can swap the bottom of Google Home to match it with your home’s interior

  1. Color

The base color of the top is white, but you can give it a distinctive look by changing the fabric that surrounds the speaker. The choices include copper, carbon, coral, marine, violet colors.

  1. Available Versions

At present, there are three basic versions of Google Home including Google Home Max, Google Home Mini or Google Home Hub.  Max and Mini have a noticeable difference in their sizes.

Salient Features

  • The Google Home Mini is a miniature and less expensive version of the original Google Home. While the Google Home Max is relatively expensive, it ensures a better sound experience.
  • The Google Home Hub comes with a 7-inch display (touch-screen). You can control your smart home, view photos, and watch videos. You can even see who is at your door by connecting this device to the ‘Nest Hello’, which is a smart doorbell.
  • You can ask different questions by saying the wake word ‘Alexa’. You can ask about the weather, listen to music or news. You can also make video calls by attaching Google Duo with this device.

Amazon Echo

The second generation Amazon Echo is out there. It is a voice assistant device, which works in a similar fashion as the Google Home. Although it has a cylindrical shape, it has a distinctive design that gives it a different look.

  1. Design

The cylindrical shape has nothing to offer in terms of aesthetics, yet it looks fairly attractive. The top of this device is flat with different control options.

  1. Colors

This device is available in five colors including heather, charcoal, oak, sandstone, and walnut. Again, you can only change the fabric but the top remains the same.

  1. Available Versions

There are two basic versions of Echo, which include Amazon Echo and Echo Dot. The Echo Dot is a mini and cheaper version of the Echo. Apart from these devices, you can buy some other devices such as Echo Input, Echo Show and Echo Spot.

  1. Salient Features

The regular Echo has similar voice assistance features that you can get with Google Home. Echo Show and Echo Spot also have screens, which allow you to watch videos and view photos. You can attach your Echo Input to any speaker and turn it into a smart speaker.

It allows you to manage other smart home devices and enjoy peace of mind. You can also control these speakers by downloading the Amazon Echo app.