Teaching Your Kids About Home Security


Routines are an effective way of instilling good habits in our children. It is advisable to start building good helpful habits that will go a long way into helping your children as they mature into adolescents. On your initial assessment of what to teach your kids, you may discover it necessary to hire a locksmith in Charlotte to fix pre-existing issues.

With tight schedules that parents find themselves today, it’s possible that kids come back home way earlier before their parents. In that case, you need to ensure that your kids know a thing or two about home security.

Teach Them How to Use Home Security

Young children can be taught at a tender age how to lock a door. You can also teach them how to use the home alarm. You can also teach them how to arm and disarm alarms every time you enter and leave the home. Make sure the pass code is easy enough for them to remember.

Have a habit of locking all windows and doors when you want to leave and turn on the alarm any time you leave home, or when retiring to bed. Even the best locksmith services won’t protect you if your kids don’t lock the doors when you are not home.

Teaching Your Kids About Home Security

Teach Them How to Use an Emergency Exit Plan

A home safety drill cannot be complete without teaching your children an emergency exit plan. It’s essential that your kids know what to do when under a burglary attack, fire or in case of a natural disaster.

While creating an escape plan for your family, teach your children the fastest way to exit the house. Also to be included is phone numbers to contact in case of an emergency. This way, the kids know who to get in touch with in these times. The numbers need to be written on a book or notebook and then kept where it can easily be accessed by children. You may want to act these scenarios with your children to give them better recall and retention.

More importantly, teach them how to call 911 in case of an emergency. Scary things do happen sometimes, and it’s important that kids know the circumstances under which to call 911. You need to tell them that calling 911 is a grave matter and they shouldn’t just call it.

Teaching Your Kids About Home Security

Teach Them Never to Open the Door to A Stranger When No Adult Is In

It’s a good thing that you teach your kids not to open doors to strangers and more so when all adults are out.

Also, have clear rules regarding answering phone. When you are not at home, teach them to only take a message and get the caller’s details. They should also be taught never to provide any details over the phone to strangers. Also, if a caller asks to speak to the parent, kids shouldn’t tell that you are not in and that they are home alone. They should say the parents are busy now and can’t speak over the phone.

This also applies when it comes to answering the front door. Teach them never to open the door to strangers when you are not in. Ask your locksmith services company to install a peephole for you so they can use it to check who’s outside whenever someone knocks at the door.

In case the person knocking refuses to go away even after the kids refuse to open the door, they should call a nearby trusted family friend or relative. Teach them how to call the police whenever they feel they are under any form of danger.


Teaching your kids about home security is something all parents should consider. They need to know not only how to switch on alarms but also not to open the door or talk to strangers over the phone when you are not in. when these security hacks are inculcated into your children at a younger age, they will grow up knowing how to secure themselves in future.